Press Kit

Joshua Hall lives, breathes and creates timeless jewellery. We visualize shapes and forms and reimagine them, inventing new designs for those who think with a fashion-forward mind. We believe jewellery breathes life into clothing, completes an ensemble and creates identity. We understand that jewellery should also feel weightless but speak volumes even with a minimal design.

We call it geometry redefined, taking shapes of various sizes and creating designs based on the position of figures. It sounds complex, but we deliver our vision in simple, wearable jewellery that instils attitude and confidence in both men and women.

Design aside, we place our focus on quality and durability, using the finest Australian stainless steel to craft our jewellery. The result is a collection of bands, hoops and studs that not only enhance an outfit but also stand on their own as works of art.

It only takes one accessory to bring a look together – that single piece that starts a conversation and tells a story. We believe our jewellry stands the test of time and complements any style from contemporary casual to avant-garde. From stainless steel rings to chains and necklaces, watch as Joshua Hall redefines fashion accessories one piece at a time.